Earn £27K+ Part Time As An Athena Network Franchisee AND Be Able To Run Your Own Business!

A Simple, Proven, Affordable and Perfectly Compact Business Opportunity Designed to Provide a Work/Life Balance


If you’ve always wanted to run your own business, work from home, earn a great income have security, independence and dramatically improve the quality of your work life balance then you’re about to discover a business opportunity that will let you achieve all this and much more …


Capitalise on an exciting, forward thinking service that can provide a cost effective, innovative method of giving you a reliable source of income together with the flexibility to work at the time of time that suits you and provide a service to women in business.


How? Let Me Explain …


I want to share with you an amazingly simple, affordable franchise opportunity available to enable you to run your own networking organisation for the women in your local community.


The Athena Network is a TURNKEY business based on a PROVEN model. Using a simple system, repeated throughout all our meetings providing a valuable service to women in business.


If you can identify with nearly half the workforce in Britain (who according to Reed Recruitment are either actively or passively looking for a new job) then read on! The business opportunity is all there, fully developed and operational and it’s waiting for you …


… it’s simple, it’s affordable, our franchisees are successful, so how does it work? I will explain, but first, get a feel for my background, hear how it all started and read my story;


“How One Burnt Out, Corporate ‘High Achiever’ Left The Corporate Sector, Set Up Her Own Training, , Mentoring and Coaching Business AND Developed Athena Groups … And How You Can Create Multiple Streams of Income Too”


Overnight, I Found Myself Unemployed!


I’d been employed in the corporate sector for over 12 years, gained extensive corporate experience in a broad range of challenging sales, training and consultancy roles with organisations such as KPMG, BAe, Ernst & Young and BT. And when I first started I loved it!


When I realised that I didn’t know the colour of my own front door; I would leave for work so early and get home so late, that I had no work/life balance and that my children spent more time with the child minder than me I decided that it was time to get out. Not an easy choice, I had a particularly affluent lifestyle and we have ‘grown into’ the money that I was earning.


I was at a personal life crossroads and no amount of money could compensate for my health, which was starting to suffer as a result of stress and lack of sleep and as a trainer and coach how could I train and coach what I couldn’t model? Work was becoming a struggle for me, I wasn’t having fun anymore and I firmly believe if you aren’t enjoying something then you need to find something you will enjoy doing instead.


I was fortunate enough to be able to apply for voluntary redundancy. Oddly everyone of us in the team had to re-apply for our job. I was in the strangest situation; I wanted to perform brilliantly in the interview (high achiever) but if I did there was a possibility that they would retain me. If I performed appallingly I would let myself down. So, I decided to be completely honest and told the panel exactly that.


I left the interview, walked upstairs to my office, packed up my desk and personal belongings and started to walk out of the building. A friend and colleague stopped me and said “aren’t you afraid you won’t be retained” I told her “no I’m afraid that they are going to ask me to stay … I’m leaving now whilst I am strong enough to make the decision”.


In the walk from the interview to my office I decided that I needed to take complete ownership of the situation and not depend on anyone else to make these choices for me. So, whether I was made redundant or not I was going to leave and start what I had dreamed of since I was at school … my own business.


Fortunately I had invested in my own training the whole time I was employed, a qualified NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, passing my coaching diploma with a distinction I thought I was pretty much set to start my own business.


How deluded I was! I had the skills to work with clients, they achieved great results when I did work with them. I just didn’t know how to get them.


“I Thought Clients Would Find Me!”


Leaving the corporate sector was the easy part! Setting up in business was one of my greatest challenges in life; now with no team, little infrastructure and no clue of what I was doing I needed to find clients.


Business advisors, mentors and coaches assured me that networking was the key way of achieving my business goals. This from a ‘princess’ who had a telemarketing team organising all her appointments


“But I Don’t Know What To Do!”


My business coach recommended that I start networking … honestly I’d have sooner poked a needle in my eye than attend a networking event (to be fair I wasn’t even sure what one was). I’m an introvert and the very idea of going into a room of strangers and talking about myself really did not make me feel great. And I did need to build a client base so, I dutifully attended several events, found myself getting frustrated and fat (there is a lot of eating that goes on) and all so I could just tell my coach “I did it!”


He urged me to stick at it and I said to him “it wouldn’t be half as bad if I knew what I was doing”, to which he replied “with the resources and training you have had if you don’t know how to do it you should model someone who does!”


I took the challenge and what I realised was with all the events that I was going to; open networking, organised networking, breakfast events, industry specific events, no one was given any direction. I came away feeling frustrated and that I had wasted my time!


I was seriously out of options. “Surely there must be a network I want to be in; a network that will teach me what to do!


“Should I Start My Own Networking Organisation?”


The trainer in me took the challenge and instead of attempting to find a network that suited me I decided that I would create my own!


In 2005 The Athena Network was launched, in 2006 it was incorporated and with 27 groups in Home Counties and a massive demand for more groups to be set up in area where we didn’t have one I had franchised the business so that other women all over the UK were able to experience not only networking but lessons in how to do it! The missing link, the training, needed to be provided for us to be able to achieve success.


The training doesn’t start when ladies arrive at our events, it starts from our first communication. What I had learnt was that I was most likely to not go to an event if I didn’t know what was going to happen, so with preparation and planning I felt resourceful and confident. A structure and format was created so that everyone got the opportunity to present their business and so that each delegates was able to support others in the group.


Each of our Regional Directors (franchisees) is trained to network and to support other business women to do the same. Following the same business methodology we have a formula that works for us in all of our groups


Not unlike Ray Kroc, who worked closely with the MacDonald brothers before launching the MacDonalds Franchise, I researched so that I learnt more about networking strategies, developing networking groups and became a very willing student in the study of ‘word of mouth’ marketing.


Integrating this with my knowledge of business development, coaching, training and franchising this enabled me to create The Athena Network to provide an environment for business women that they were searching for … interestingly they didn’t know it until they attended their first meeting.


In the first year, 23 groups were set up in the Home Counties;


 “Like a magenta and silver army we are moving across the country connecting women; and when women connect they don’t just move mountains, they do it in heels and manage to sort the laundry out later.”

There is a lot of information on this page and if you would prefer to receive an information pack right away then fill in your details below

Why am I telling you this? Only one reason. I wanted to establish my credibility with you. I know that lots of people dream of starting their own business… escaping the nine to five grind … achieving financial independence … and giving their families the lifestyle they so richly deserve, I certainly did. Yet many have been frustrated by the supposed money-making opportunities they’ve come across and I wanted you to know about my track record and my background so that you’d know that I am ‘for real’.


Athena is now recognised as the International Premier Networking Organisation for Women which means that we are looking to take on additional franchisees this year to ensure that more women have the opportunity to network in a relaxed, mutually supportive and ethical environment both nationally and internationally.


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Why Would You Be Interested In Athena?


To fully understand why I am so passionate about Athena you might want to consider what would excite you about running a business of your own that attracts such a high turnover for part time hours per week.


The ability to work the days and hours you want to when you want to. If you are choosing to go to the networking lunches in your territory (and we recommend that you do) then you would need to pencil out a minimum of one lunch per week.


This is your business, you’re the boss, you’re free to choose what you do and who you listen to. You are not on your own though, we’re always on hand to help and support you and with ‘The Athena Way’ as a guide you quite literally can tick off your activities on a daily basis giving you freedom to enjoy your days.


You’ll generate a great new income on your terms. There’s every reason you can earn a ‘full-time’ income, from £2,000 – £3,000, for part time hours.


Many franchisors are talking of taking on another territory … you may think that means that they would work more hours. Not so! They will have set up their groups so that they can run smoothly whether they are attending the lunch or not.


Quality of Life
Often more important than all the other benefits, your new improved quality of life for YOU and YOUR family is impossible to put a value on. What we can say is that quality of life will improve your relationships, your health and your sense of well being.


You just need to speak to any of our Regional Directors (franchisees) to understand the fun that they have as a franchisee. The meetings are motivational, inspirational and fun and the Regional Directors, who get together frequently in tele-classes and Regional Development Days can honestly say that they have fun running their business.


You’ll have a huge feeling of pride in what you are doing for the women in your local community. Financial benefits are just one part of the great difference on your life, the confidence you develop as a result of supporting and inspiring women in business is immeasurable.


You’ll be a respected member of your community. You will find, as I did, that you become the mentor to women who have struggled to build their business previously and by providing them with a simple forum to promote their business, create connections and inspire each other attracts the respect of these ladies. You are still part of a team … whenever you feel a member presents you with a challenge you don’t feel qualified to support we are on the end of the telephone.


You can create a strong part-time business that will continue to grow year on year and generate a great ongoing income. Approximately 90% of our members renew their membership, which means that you can project your earnings in future years effectively


‘Feeding’Your Business
It is commonly known that if you want to learn you should teach. From my experience if you want to learn how to network with excellence then running a networking organisation is certainly the most effective way to learn 


This opportunity that not only brings in an additional income stream but would also feed your primary business. Regional Directors are in a high profile position and we have found that as well as an increase in income through Athena there is the added bonus of more ladies becoming aware of any other businesses you own. 


Sylvia Baldock, Athena National Sales Director ‘Speaks’ …


Sylvia Baldock is the National Sales Director UK and started with Athena in 2006, first as a member and then a franchisee.  To find out more about Sylvia and why she was interested in Athena read her story below;


I was born and bred in Glasgow, and have a real love of the outdoors and especially the stunning scenery of the Highlands. Walking and talking are two of my favourite pastimes.

Brought up in a strict Baptist family, where strong core values were instilled into me from birth – I have always believed we are here for a greater purpose and fully believe I have now found mine!

I have always thrown myself 110% into everything I have done and enjoy facing the challenges that life presents and all the lessons they bring.

When I was at home with a young family I really struggled to find something I could do that challenged and stimulated me and still allowed me to have the quality time I needed with my family. I promised myself that when I found it, I would share that knowledge with other women who were at a crossroads and seeking greater fulfilment like me.

Going back to corporate life just wasn’t an option and a close friend came to the rescue by offering me a business development role within her growing company. It was during this time that I discovered the phenomenon that is ‘business networking’.

I remember it as if it was yesterday – we were driving to my first ever networking event and I said to my colleague, ‘what we really need to find today is someone who can teach our guys how to ‘Sell’ on the telephone. I walked into the event feeling decidedly nervous, picked out a friendly face, introduced myself and asked what she did – ‘I teach people how to sell on the telephone’ was the reply! I could feel the goose bumps rising on my neck – how uncanny! That was the moment I fell in love with networking and the rest, as they say, is history!

I very rapidly discovered Athena and was blown away by the calibre of the business women I met and instantly joined a local group. My love affair with Athena rapidly blossomed. Not only was it extremely successful for sourcing new clients, I was also able to take up the Athena Franchise opportunity which led me to the fabulous career I now enjoy every day.

I receive many testimonials from members saying how Athena has literally changed their lives and I can fully endorse that as it has certainly changed mine

I have always wanted to ‘make a difference’ in whatever career path I follow and none have realised that dream more than my current role as National Sales Director for The Athena Network.

Running 8 dynamic lunchtime networking groups for business women in Bucks and Berk means I spend my time with incredibly dynamic business women who constantly inspire and surprise me.

I feel very privileged to be able to make a real difference to both the business and personal lives of my members and watching them blossom and grow through the power of networking is unbelievably rewarding.

Also responsible for the growth of The Athena Network in the UK – I am currently recruiting and training dynamic ladies to take up the Athena Franchise opportunity throughout the whole of the UK and to also make a real difference to women in their area who are serious about growing their businesses.

Again – watching the transformation in the ladies who take up this Franchise opportunity, never ceases to amaze and delight me.

My diverse experience in networking has led to me developing training and writing articles to help others maximise the vast potential of the whole networking opportunity. I also enlist the services of some of the trainers in my groups to run a continuous programme of workshops on many aspects of business and personal development.

Training and development are two of of the main aims of Athena and those who take up the learning opportunities realise incredible business and personal growth.

I also love learning and attend many of the workshops run by my members and engage many superb speakers to deliver business training at my Athena meetings. Like my members, I come away from the meetings and workshops feeling energised and motivated and ready for the next challenges that life will throw at me.

I am passionate about helping women to realise their full potential and constantly encourage them to push themselves out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

I am happily married with two grown up daughters and still value quality family time highly. I love to cook and entertain and keeping in touch with close friends and the wider family is very important to me.

I keep fit by power walking, swimming and leading a very active fulfilling life which is all possible due to the business choice I have made to invest a future in Athena.


What is Included in the Franchise Opportunity?


So What Do You Get?

One of the reasons many franchises have been so successful is that, in franchising, a business synergy is created. Franchisees brought together under one trademark can achieve things that as individual business people they could not do. Athena is now a International Brand.


Not only have I spent 100′s of hours together developing the business it’s taken a healthy commitment and investment to create ‘The Athena Way’ in a way that is not only effective but also really simple to operate.


You’ll have read by now that I have drawn on all my years of business experience and all the ups and downs that go with it to be able to identify a unique opportunity and create such a complete business opportunity.


Athena offers you a wonderful business opportunity to really take control of your work-life balance and earn a great income every month and every year!


And don’t worry about your experience or skill levels, YOUR Athena business franchise includes everything, and I mean everything you’ll need to get going and make a success of your business…


Just follow ‘The Athena Way’, the advice, training and tutorials and you’ll soon be on your way to running your own successful business.



Each Franchisee will have their own generic ‘Landing Page’ on the website. A unique page that details their groups and contact details. This page can be customised to include links to your other businesses thus raising your profile further.


So What’s in the Training Package?

A comprehensive package of training, support and materials that include a two day induction seminar, Regional Director Development Days, weekly teleclasses (recorded if you would prefer to spend your time in another way) and audio files for hints and tips all designed to maximise your commercial success.


Templates of all marketing and PR material are also provided, this alone has meant that the launches of Athena groups has been conducted with the minimum of effort and stress.


The package includes:

1. Operating Manuals – ‘The Athena Way’

A complete set of manuals and handbooks that detail the steps to success required to be successful in all areas of your business;


Administration and Finance
How to manage and run your business on a day to day basis, keeping track of your income and expenditure.
The key strategies to marketing and sales for your groups. We’ll teach you how to make your business a financial success through simple, effective marketing.
Developing Your Championship Team
How to surround yourself with a supportive team and who and what a supportive team is … not always what you think!
Field Manual
All the Athena scripts are available in several handbooks so that when you attend a meeting, present an Athena training event everything you require is in one place.


2. Induction & Training Seminar

You’ll join us for four days (split into two events) days at a training location after investing in your Athena business franchise. Once you’ve followed our instructions and completed some basic research and learning on your own we’ll give you a full two days training to really get you started, followed by two days ‘post-launch’ training. You’ll learn about the commercial aspects of your territories and how best to maximise your earning potential through intelligent marketing and sales processes. You’ll leave with additional training manuals, your startup stationery and access to the Athena franchisee intranet where you can access material that is constantly updated.


The Training events are really high energy and they’re a great time to get to meet your fellow Athena franchisees and exchange details. In addition, you’ll meet the Support Team who will be there to guide you and help you in the crucial early stages of setting up your first groups.


During the training we will go over absolutely everything! By way of a sneak preview:

  1. 30 day kick start
How to invite ladies to your groups – this may be the part of the business that you would worry about, once you have been shown the ropes with our sales training I promise it is not as daunting as you may think.
  3. Attitude and expectancy are key – plus you have a truly great product!

  4. Covering all steps of marketing and administration.
How to get your groups publicised – I will show you exactly what you need to do to get your groups publicised effectively and ensure that you have meetings that ladies are clamouring to come to.
Effective PR strategies and developing ongoing relationships with the press. Using these techniques our franchisees have achieved national coverage!
How to keep track of your profit and loss – we will show you how to take care of your finances and demonstrate the best way to do your book-keeping so that you are always on top of things.

  8. How to keep an eye on your profits. It’s important to make sure that you maximise your profitability and we’ll help you all the way with that.
  9. The training will give you lots of good advice and solid tips to ensure you stay on the right track.

Then, after your initial Training Event there’s lots more support and training lined up…


3. Quick Start Guide

Your timetable of events and actions laid out, step-by-step.


Using a slick activity tracker you can be sure that you minimise the amount of time working in your business and focus on building it


4. Athena Brand Guide

All the information you need about the brand and how it can be used. The power of the national brand which will be a big selling point


5. Stationery Starter Pack

Everything you need to get started including:


  1. 50 Athena Information Brochures complete with inserts

  2. 50 Athena Notes
50 Athena Meeting Fee Receipts

  3. 5 Sheets of Athena Name Badge labels

  4. 250 Personalised Athena Business Cards

  5. 100 Athena Personalised Letterheads

  6. 50 Athena Personalised Complimentary Slips
1 Group Stationery Box

  8. An Athena Regional Director Name Badge


6. Marketing Pack Online

Folders on the Athena CRM includes templates of all your marketing material. You’ll find just about every business template you’ll need to get your business going. We’ve created them so all you need to do is add your details using slick merging techniques and you’re off and running.


7. Schedule and Timetable…

A fully mapped out timetable of marketing activity and events, so that you can plan properly. Our franchisees have found that this works effectively for their primary business as well as their Athena business.


8. Athena Client Relationship Management System (CRM)

An automated tool that keeps a running total of everything happening within each Athena group. So you will know on a day by day basis where your group is in terms of:

  1. Number of Members – You will know how many members you have in each group and in total.

  2. Number of Prospects – You will know how many prospective members you have and it will highlight where you need to target your prospecting.

  3. Total Income – The spreadsheet calculates a running total of all income for each group.
o Total Costs – The spreadsheet will include the total cost of running your groups

  4. Total Profit – The important part! Now that you have a running total of income and cost, the spreadsheet will give you a running total of your profit. Early on, you will show a lower profit – but just watch this figure grow as the months go by. A real winner when it comes to motivation!
  5. Your Target –This will tell you exactly how many new members you need to attract to achieve your target. You’ll love watching this figure go down day by day. The nearer you are to your target, the more inspiration you have!


9. Franchisee Support Team

You’ll have a dedicated mentor to support you through the development of your groups and ensure that you achieve the success we know is possible.


You will have 4 group coaching teleclasses. These teleclasses, carried out via telephone conference will help you to develop yourself and your groups to achieve your goals. Each session lasts up to an hour and we will guide you through the early stages of your business. Following the induction teleclasses there are ongoing masterclasses for the Athena Regional Directors to include; member targeting, goal setting, networking skills, business development, financial understanding and much, much more.


You’ll also have access to an audio recording of each teleclass and masterclass on the Athena intranet. If you miss a call then you can listen in when it is convenient for you.


10. Exclusive Territory for Your Groups

Oh, and don’t forget your exclusive groups. Your area is defined in detail by postcode and we will work with you to define the most profitable area for you to manage an Athena franchise. Many factors are considered in defining the territory.

In short, we’re going to help you be the greatest success you can be running your own networking groups with Athena.


The Perfect Business?

Usually, when you start a business you would have to rely on your own expertise and knowledge. When you start a new franchisee business, the franchisor has the training programme already in place. This means that you start trading immediately with a proven model.
And remember, we’ll teach you how to generate a great income now and in the future with our extensive, ongoing, personalised training program as part of our franchise opportunity!


Business Opportunity Seminar Recording!


We are hosting a Business Opportunity Seminar on Monday 5th September, delegates will ask many questions (that you may not have thought of yet!) and you will be able to download the relevant documents including the FAQ’s and listen to the recording after the event.  You are also welcome to join us from 10am – 11am click here to book


What Skills Do I Require?


Franchisees will come from varied backgrounds who are adaptable and apply sound business sense with the industry. Our comprehensive full training programme and support services are designed to help you quickly become an expert in this growth market.


It can be difficult to find a business opportunity that ‘ticks all the boxes’ but we are proud that Athena does just that.


Tested & Proven


Since January 2006 we have ironed out the creases and Athena is expanding across the UK. We have the expertise and resources to get our groups up and running quickly – which is what we are now doing – and to provide all the training and support that a large franchise network needs.


You see the Athena business model just ticks all the boxes:

  1. It is a great fun business to run
It is part of a national network
It has been created by a successful business woman with a proven track record

  4. It offers excellent earning potential (remember that £27,000? I’ll come back to it in a moment)
It is a truly part-time opportunity – you can choose the hours you wish to work, part-time hours for a full-time financial return.
If you have children, you can take every school holiday off – in full!
It is supported by a powerful brand identity
It requires no stock
You do not need to hire staff, not unless you want to

  8. There is a consistent demand for the service

  9. The business system is easy to follow
There is no need to have any previous networking experience.
  11. We teach you how to develop your groups

  12. You receive full training
I have thought of everything, absolutely everything, to make this the best part-time opportunity, for women, available in the UK today

But it Gets Better…


After talking with ladies approaching us to become a part of the organisation it became abundantly clear to me that what these women were looking for was a part-time business in addition to the one that they were managing. We recognised that there was an opportunity for canny business women to use the network as an additional route to market.


What better way of becoming recognised than managing your own networking organisation! We’ve been talking to some very clever ladies!


I knew that this could be 100% better than I had originally envisaged. Yes it is true that other networking organisations sell their franchises for no less than 5 figures (big figures at that) and yes it was true that their royalties (the fee paid for additional memberships) are also high … that didn’t mean that ours had to be.


What I wanted to be able to offer to women, like me, was a different business opportunity that was attractive to women running their own business, who liked the concept of running their own networking groups and recognised how effective that route to market would be. That meant revising the pricing and targetting it realistically, affordably, so I could be sure to get the right women on board.


I also knew that with the right strategic partners on board we would blow our competition out of the water … not literally you understand, we are pacifists!


So that’s what we’ve done. We’ve reviewed our original concept and perfected it so that it is a franchise opportunity worthy of serious consideration.


So What’s the Earnings Potential?


Here’s how the numbers can look in your first year, based on managing 4 groups;


Sales £28,504
Costs £5,269
Operating Profit £23,235


It is expected that many franchisees will opt to purchase additional territories once they appreciate how simple it is so manage. Imagine the earning potential if you managed two exclusive territories (same system, just a few more hours work).




Operating Profit is prior to Franchisee remuneration, repayments on capital, bank charges, tax, and other overheads associated with running the business (although the latter should not be significant).


Projections are estimates of sales and costs and are not a guarantee of results. Each Franchisees success will depend on their own efforts, skills, and other factors.


Elements of your business expenses can be offset for personal tax. Working from home you can offset a proportion of your heating and lighting, any of your computer costs, internet connection and travelling expenses.


Yes! I Want More Information

How Much Work Is Involved?


Now, let me be clear at this point. Athena is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. It is important to emphasise that this is an established franchised business and we will only accept ladies who are as committed to the growth as we are. It does offer really great levels of earnings and fantastic levels of pride and fulfillment – but you do need to put in work!


However, because the groups only meet once a month, and because the groups grow by word of mouth the amount of work needed is genuinely part-time.


It takes approximately 10 hours per group per month to set and support a group until it reaches it’s optimum size of 25 members. Once a group reaches this point, it becomes ‘low maintenance’ and will take less time per group, per month to support, you will need to allow for additional time if you intend to be at the meetings (Regional Directors who attend the meetings have the most success).


It is really down to you how you are able to manage your time effectively to run your groups and when you want to devote time to it. Our Operations Director, Gina Romero, in addition to running a tight ship at Head Office also works a few hours a day and I only work 4 days a week, that includes my Head Office responsibilities and four territories!


As some of our members are affected by school holidays we recognise that it is more effective to have a large regional meeting in August and December which means it truly is a business that you can fit around your family and you can take every school holiday off.

Do it With a Friend …


Another possibility to think about is to work together with a partner to manage your groups. You may wish to pool your skill set with someone else if it suits you better. Either way, Athena has been created as the definitive flexible opportunity for women who want more out of life than just working day in day out to support their family.


Imagine this … a business opportunity for women who don’t want to compromise their career or family lives, an Athena franchise managed with a friend could be the answer.

Is It For You?


Well, you’ll need to bring a few things to the party to be a successful Athena franchisee. For example:

  1. Bags of enthusiasm and personality – a ‘’can do’ attitude!’
  2. Passion for Athena – a real belief in the service that you will be providing
  3. Some creative flair (although in fairness this is more of a bonus)
  4. An ability to get on well with other people

We are looking for motivated, personable women seeking to:

  1. Support business women and inspire them to create successful businesses
Earn a full time income for part time hours

  3. Rapidly build a profitable business, with the support of an established and proven franchisor

  4. Be cash flow positive within three months of trading
Create wealth by building a business with a lucrative resale value
  6. You will need to be comfortable talking to people about the benefits of networking and of course we will support you in the most effective ways to do that.


Equipment Required

PC and a colour printer

Minimum PC spec is:

  1. 1 Ghz processor,
• 128MB RAM (256K preferable),

  2. 40GB hard Drive, (minimum 20Gb free)

  3. CD or DVD burner

  4. Broadband connection

Estimated cost of purchase if necessary: £695

A copy of Microsoft Word 2003.
Estimated cost of purchase if necessary £150

A copy of Microsoft Excel 2003 
(needed for the Athena Group Management System)


Like I told you…


You get absolutely everything you need to ensure that your Athena franchise is the business opportunity which allows you to free up the time you want to do the things that you want to do, while earning the money you want to support the lifestyle you desire.

One [nearly] final, but very important point…


The business opportunity is great but what I get the greatest satisfaction from is seeing the confidence of our members grow as they are encouraged to make connections that enable them to grow more profitable businesses themselves.


Now, how much is it worth to you to have a business that generates serious full-time earnings and that only requires part-time hours?


A business that you can fit in around your other commitments?
A business that gives you considerable time off?
A business that will give you such high levels of satisfaction and pride?
If you’re like me an opportunity like that would be worth a fortune to you.


Now to the important bit!


The simple fact is that we want YOU and many others to be able to benefit from being your own boss by running your own Athena networking groups.


Many franchisees today cost upwards of £10,000, £20,000 or even £30,000 + VAT initial investment PLUS ongoing charges of 20%+ of turnover or profits AND often a requirement for additional working capital that can sometimes be 2 or 3 times the initial investment! It’s frightening just considering some of the franchisees available today!


The cost of an Athena Franchise is as little as £9,950 + VAT


OK, let’s talk business! At the end of the day, whilst you might enjoy the social aspect and the tremendous sense of pride and fulfilment in your groups, you need this venture to be profitable.



If you would like a chat about Athena or you have some questions, or you’d just like to find out whether your area is still available you can email me here or alternatively give us a call on


0845 004 9262


To make the decision even easier for you, we’re providing you with a …

100% No Risk Guarantee

Come on board as a Athena franchisee.
Attend the training.
Put everything into practice and
we guarantee that you will recover 100% of your Franchise Fee
within 12 months (typically within 2 months with 2 launches)
or else we’ll take your franchise back
and pay you the difference between what you paid
and what you have earned.


There are only three conditions;


‘The Athena Way’ is fully tried, tested and proven … we know it works! We ask that you take the system and follow the process that you will have been trained in for a full 18 months.

  1. You must have put the effort in and provide evidence that you have followed the process fully and in particular followed the steps provided in ‘The Athena Way’ (This is not an excuse for you to avoid your responsibility)

  2. If you are in any doubt about your success you must have asked for help and acted upon it

  3. You must not be in breach of your Franchise Agreement

In brief, this guarantee is not an excuse for you to avoid your responsibilities and it is not valid if you simply change your mind … you have to take action!


That’s pretty fair isn’t it?

And it means all the risk is with us.

How Much Does It Cost?

Franchises, for an exclusive territory of 4 groups, start from as little as £9,950 + VAT. Remember, if you have already done some research and taken a look at the market you will know that this is, in comparison to many others, a nominal amount.


Other benefits of this purchase price are;


  1. A four figure income (every month) when you have complete groups
A business that is growing at a tremendous rate and offers members great value for money.
The flexibility to work when you want
A support team for all your business development
  4. And, a worthwhile investment that you can build and develop knowing it will be worth a great deal of money and that having developed it following ‘The Athena Way’ you’ll be able to sell it in the future.


The success of Athena is testament to the viability of the business and it is important that all prospective Franchisees understand that the potential for profit is always there for those with the will to work smart and the desire to succeed.


Financial Help And Support


Finances are a key consideration for many of our franchisees. Listed below are a couple of financial options for your to consider when purchasing a franchise …


Consider taking advantage of the credit card offers that are available at the moment. By paying your investment i.e. £9,950 on your credit card and transferring it to a 0% balance transfer card you could pay your original investment back without paying any interest. This is totally achievable, you only need to consider the figures.


When opening a new business account banks will typically offer you an overdraft facility. Negotiate a rate and low interest payments that enable you to pay back the overdraft quickly.


We’ve Invested So You Don’t Have To…


You could of course have developed a networking organisation of your own! As you can imagine, the level of investment needed to create your own business and supporting infrastructure is significant. What started as a quest to fulfil a personal requirement to build a client pipeline formed the basis of a full business model for the national network that has been created.


That doesn’t come cheap! The initial outlay for a business start up is often the most expensive one all of that is avoided when you purchase a franchise.


We Have Saved You Time AND Money …


If you could put your life on hold, and time, money and networking knowledge and skills were freely at your disposal, you could of course have developed a networking organisation for yourself – why do that when we have created the opportunity for you that means that you pick up and start to run your own business immediately


How Does it Work?


‘Creating Multiple Streams of Income’ is on many business owners lips and we share with our franchisees how simple it can be to manage multiple businesses and how you can improve the profit in your current business (if you have one). When we work in partnership with our franchisees we are not just selling them a franchise, not just selling them an Athena territory, we are selling a life style choice and consider ourselves to be a part of that.


We are passionate about supporting our franchisees create financial freedom and a future that includes managing a business that they love.


What Would Happen if I Purchased a Franchise?


You will be building a business that has considerable value and is a unique and flexible product that you will be proud of and your members delighted to be a part of

What Next?


Contact us to request more information. Let us know what territory you would be interested in so that we can support you in your decision and ensure that you have sufficient scope in your territory to be successful.


What Helps Make The Perfect Franchise Opportunity?


If you’ve always wanted to run your own business, operate from home, earn a great income and dramatically improve the quality of your work life balance then you will find that the Athena business opportunity that will let you achieve all this and much more …


Modest start up costs can tempt investors into franchising (Headline – Daily Mail – April 24th 2006)


“Small can be beautiful but also profitable, don’t let the lack of big money spoil your franchise hopes or business opportunities. It’s important to us that you take due diligence and the same level of care that you would take if you were spending a lot of money


Having the right level of support will give you the confidence and direction to run your business successfully enabling you to take control of your life.”


While your franchise may be the biggest investment you ever make, fortunately failure is rare. According to Natwest/British Franchise Magazine, less than 1% of franchises failed in 2005 and the figure is falling!


Still Undecided? … More Reasons to Consider an Athena Franchise …


  1. Potential Market – On average, each territory has up to 6,000 of small/medium businesses in it. That’s a huge market potential for your groups.
  2. Experience & Skills – You may feel that you don’t have the necessary business skills to do this but let me assure you, as long as you like and are happy talking to and meeting new people then we’ll show you the rest. Our complete business package provides you with all the information and training you’ll need to succeed.
  3. Can I do it? – As long as you’ve committed yourself mentally to your new business then YOU CAN succeed. You’ll need to be self disciplined and prepared to put some hard work in to get going but as long as you follow our tried and tested systems then you CAN do it!
  4. Support – Not only do you have email and telephone support from us but you’ll also be able to talk to and become involved with other Athena business franchisees to share experiences and learning during the Regional Directors Development Days and on the intranet.
  5. Resources – You’ll have access to our central resource area where you see an ever growing archive of online support, new business templates and sales training and presentation tools, ready made press releases and much more.
  6. Isolation – You’re not alone. You’ll always be welcome to just pick up the phone and say hello if you need a bit of a boost, feedback or whatever. Everyone has an off day and we’re here to help you through it!
  7. Sales Ability – You have a huge advantage here as the proposition you are able to make virtually sells itself – BUT – you will have to do some work and we’ll help you with your presentations and meeting preparation (they’re in the pack). We can also provide online and teleconference training courses too, so you’ll never be lacking in confidence and knowledge.
  8. Costs – This is the great bit! Your Athena business franchise will cost you a fraction of the cost of the vast majority of franchises available today.
  9. What’s in the package - EVERYTHING! Yes absolutely EVERYTHING that you will need to run, manage and develop YOUR OWN local networking organisation that can generate you an income of over £2000 per month working part-time around your family life or substantially more run as a full-time business and with additional territories.


The Athena Way’ a step by step guide takes you through every stage you’ll need to ensure your business runs smoothly.

How to…

  1. Set up online banking and payment accounts

  2. Market your business in your local community

  3. Develop ongoing client relationships
Run your accounts quickly and accurately

  5. Set up your home office to work for you
Manage your time around your family life
Top tips for encouraging visitors to contact you
Track income and expenditure

  9. Choose an accountant


…and much, much more!


To Receive Additional Information Please Fill In The Form Below To Receive An Information Pack


Zip/Post Code*
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Where Would You Like To Launch Your Business?*
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What Happens Next?


Once we have established that your area is available and if you decide that you are seriously interested you will be able to reserve your territory by paying a £500 deposit. This will ‘hold’ your area for you for 30 days during which time you’ll need to go through the application process, get all your questions answered.


Call us on 0845 004 9262 to request an Application Form or to talk further about this.


Given the marketing we have planned, and the members of our groups who have already expressed an interest you really can’t afford to hang around if this of interest to you.


Get in touch.


Send us an e-mail or give us a call on 0845 004 9262


Whatever your decision we wish you every success in everything that you do.


Best wishes,



Jacqueline Rogers

CEO and a Founder of The Athena Network

International Premier Business Networking Organisation for Women


P.S. Don’t forget that 100% No Risk Guarantee Here it is again.


Come on board as a Athena franchisee.
  Attend the training.  
Put everything into practice and we guarantee that you will recover 100% of your Franchise Fee within 12 months or else we’ll take your franchise back and pay you the difference between what you paid and what you have earned.


There are only three conditions;

  1. You must have put the effort in and provide evidence that you have followed the process fully and in particular followed the steps provided in ‘The Athena Way’ (This is not an excuse for you to avoid your responsibility)

  2. If you are in any doubt about your success you must have asked for help and acted upon it

  3. You must not be in breach of your Franchise Agreement

P.P.S Less than 1% of franchises failed in 2005 and the number is dropping.

P.P.P.S. Don’t worry about your own skills or experience, the Athena business franchise is a COMPLETE ready made business with all the training, information and support you’ll need to succeed. Almost anybody from any walk of life can run an Athena business franchise!


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